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To instil creative thinking, empathy, life skills and for engendering personality development, co-curricular activities have been given a prominent place in the educational programme at the International Delhi Public School.

The co-curriculum has been designed to augment and complement the curriculum. The house system is in place and various activities including competitive sports, field trips and excursions, camps and activities to build environmental consciousness are regularly organized to provide much needed exposure to the children.


A wide spectrum of co-curricular activities help in building the confidence and in honing the talents of the children. These activities include music & dance, dramatics, debates& elocution etc.

Competitive sports and games are promoted among the students and they are encouraged to participate in them.

Boarding / Campus Life

The school values the expectations of parents and cherish their trust that they place in the institution, thus it has provided for boarding facilities that minimizes the distress that being distanced from home inevitably brings. The school has well-equipped and well-appointed separate hostels for girls and boys. The dormitories and other living spaces are modern in design and features of safety, security and hygiene have been prioritized.